What Am I Getting Into?

Things you should know as you start on the Bowenwork journey

There are six modules of new material and a seventh, testing module.

While there are a number of lay persons, wishing only to work on friends and family, who do not go through the entire Bowenwork program, we encourage all professionals to complete the program through Module 7 and be listed on the Bowenwork website. To be listed as accredited, a practitioner must have

  • successfully completed Module 7,
  • documented 100 hours of anatomy and physiology,
  • a current basic CPR card,
  • demonstrated business experience or study,
  • four hours of ethics experience or study.

The website listing is a rich source of referrals for a dedicated and growing body of clients and other practitioners who appreciate the speed and efficacy of Bowenwork. This listing represents those practitioners who are willing to see the training to its completion and uphold the standards of Bowenwork Academy USA.

Staying current with BAUSA

The $75 registration fee that is first collected at your Module 1 is a yearly fee that covers the cost of Bowen Hands; admittance to the members’ section of the website; various administrative duties; and, after accreditation, the website listing and referrals from the administrator. For accredited practitioners, this yearly fee must be paid before you can take and get credit for any continuing education classes.

In addition, 32 hours (four days) of continuing education is required every two years. Eight of those hours must be practitioner days, which are a review of the Modules 1-6 material, variations and combinations of moves, review of difficult cases, and interesting anatomical considerations. The remaining 24 hours may be other classes such as the specialized procedures classes, attendance at conferences, or other continuing education classes offered at various times.  See www.bowenworkacademyusa.com for a complete listing of CE classes.

We require these continuing education hours because we have found that it is amazingly easy over time to migrate off points, lose confidence in performing procedures one feels squeamish about, or forget why we do a particular procedure in the first place. We want your competency so that we can feel confident about standing behind your website listing.

Failure either to keep current with continuing education requirements or to remit the yearly registration fee results in your name being taken off the website and the inability to take certain post-Module-7 classes.

Using Bowenwork to satisfy other continuing education requirements

Modules 1-6, Module 8, the two specialized procedures classes,  Deep Anatomy, and The Lymph System& Bowenwork qualify for 16 NCBTMB credit hours each.   Looking at Scoliosis qualifies for 8 hours.  AOTA  accepts Modules 1-6 and 8-12, Deep Anatomy, and The Lymph System and Bowenwork; the California Board of Nursing accepts Modules 1-6 and 8-12.

Bowenwork Modules 1-6, Module 8, and Deep Anatomy also qualify for continuing education credit in Arkansas.