Signing Up for a Class

If you are ready to sign up for a class, go to, click on Learn Bowtech, then click on Search Seminars, type in the US for the country, and then click on my name under Instructors.  Click on the class that you’re interested in, and fill out a seminar registration request, which will be forwarded to me.

But that’s not all: to reserve your space in class, a $150 deposit must be sent to me, which can be done by check, payable to Nancy Pierson, 9311 Browning Road, Gentry, AR, 72734. Alternatively, you may pay the deposit by PayPal, an option you will see when you first find the class listings on the website.

The balance of the class fee is due on the first day of class. If you want to pay the balance by credit card, you must have a paypal account and send the balance to my email address, This PayPal transaction must show up in my account before the day of class.

Bowenwork Academy USA Cancellation Policy
Instructors make every effort to promote their classes in order to achieve a minimum number of enrollments. However, there will be times when minimum enrollments are not met and the instructor will need to cancel a class. In those cases, the instructor must cancel the class two weeks prior to the class start date and refund all deposits.
In addition, Bowenwork Academy USA recognizes the fact that students must sometimes cancel a class they have registered for after they have sent in a deposit.
The following policy sets the guidelines regarding instructor and/or student cancellations and the return of deposits:
•If the class is cancelled due to an insufficient number of students, then registered students have the choice of having their deposits returned, or applying their deposits toward the next class s/he takes with that instructor.
•In order to avoid extra expense in case the instructor cancels a class, we strongly recommend that students purchase changeable, or refundable, airline tickets.
•If a student is sick, or for some reason not able to attend class, but notifies the instructor 48 hours prior to the class, then the student’s deposit will be honored toward the next class s/he takes with that instructor.
•A student who fails to give the required 48-hours notice forfeits the deposit.*
* Note: Less than 48-hours notice may be acceptable in the following instances if documentation is supplied: admission to a hospital, emergency room visit, or death of an immediate family member.