CE Class: Deep Anatomy

No two clients are alike – each has their own story, their own physical history.   There are no hard-and-fast protocols to address a specific condition.  Yet, with a deeper understanding of the muscles, nerves, lymphatic vessels, and fascia underlying our moves, we can develop our own intelligence in choosing appropriate procedures.  Precise location, tissue-tension sense, and overall quality of Bowenwork moves will give better results with clients.

Deep Anatomy

Exploring Structure and Choice in Bowenwork Moves

This 2-day, 16-hour hands-on CE class offers anatomical hypotheses of why we do the things we do.  For example:

  • Why might the cramp procedure work?
  • Why might our variation on coccyx alleviate buttock pain?
  • What essential foundational roles do the prerequisites perform?

Further, in this expanded Deep Anatomy class we will review Module 1-6 procedures with an eye to what additional structures we are affecting with each move; we will also explore how nonobvious procedures may contribute to the resolution of certain conditions.

This workshop is open to any student or practitioner who has completed Module 6.  The cost is  US $395 if paid in full 22 days prior to class ($425 if paid within 22 days of class)., and includes a manual.  This class satisfies 16 of the 100-hour A&P requirement for Bowenwork certification.

Presented by Nancy Pierson, past president of Bowenwork Academy USA and instructor since 2002.

Examples of class feedback:

“I must admit I expected a list of maladies and what moves to use for them. What Nancy taught me was to use my head and think of the moves and what they could effect. The strongest aspect for me was how to slow down and execute the moves properly. This has proved invaluable in my practice since the class. Nancy was a very powerful presenter and a wealth of knowledge. I would definitely like to invite her here again.”

“It was great to listen to, watch, and learn from Nancy.  Her sense of humor is great and she is wonderful at allowing space for individual’s learning.”

“The course was perfect for me to go deeper with understanding the moves and their relationship. I have integrated so much of it, I could not list everything!  The questions presented in the promotional materials were answered. That satisfied my curiosity.  I now have a whole new quality of work!”

“I had no idea this class was going to be as wonderful as it was. I am so glad that I attended this course before learning any new procedures. I really like Nancy’s personality and teaching style. The depth of knowledge that she shared brought me a deeper understanding of the Bowenwork. Nancy was able to convey that not only is the precision of the move important, it is the quality of each move that can turn an average session into a deeply meaningful session. Since taking this course, the Bowenwork sessions I have given have been much deeper and more powerful for the client and for me.”

This class satisfies continuing education requirements for NCBTMB, AOTA, and the Arkansas State Massage Board.